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    Get Started With Vaping

    ELiquid Depot made a difference in the lives of smokers. They understand that it is a difficult habit to break and that is why they offer healthier options to smokers. Vaping is an incredibly effective nicotine delivery system, without the harmful side effects or carcinogens of regular cigarette smoking.

    There are different types of devices available at ELiquid Depot to start the vaping. One of the most convenient devices is disposable vapes.

    If you would like to try the vaping without much money invested, you can start with the disposable vapes. These come with a battery, atomizer, and pre-filled vape juice cartridge which last about 15-20 conventional cigarettes. Disposable vapes comes in many flavors some of the popular one is Mint, Lemonade, Tobacco, RY4, Grape and Berry. They usually have nicotine level similar to the type of conventional cigarette you currently smoke. Once you have used the nicotine cartridge, the disposable vapes must be thrown away, the battery cannot be recharged.

    The advantage of starting with a disposable vapes is purely the cost. Usually, the vaping kits are better quality, have a better taste and experience. It’s hard to judge whether you will like the vaping mod pod kit of that brand by just trying the disposable vapes.

    Once you have decided to go with the a pod mod and nicotine salt vape juice you should head over to ELiquid Depot. The kit includes everything needed to get you started vaping. The pack will include pre-filled nicotine cartridges which will last for couple of weeks. After you have used the nicotine cartridges, you will have to purchase additional e-liquid. The e-juice come in more than 50+ flavor and varying levels of nicotine strength. Some re-fill the cartridges themselves to save money.  This is the more economical way to go and is included in the next option.

    Ideally, I would suggest you to old 120 ml bottle of vape juice separately when you are buying vaping kit. In fact, I would strongly recommend you pick not one but couple of them in different flavor to check your taste bud. Vape Juice is available in various flavors and different levels of nicotine. One 120 mL bottle of E-liquid is equal to about 120 packs of conventional cigarettes.

    Vape device is one time purchase and comes in different pricing range. A simple OSMALL pod kit from Vaporesso listed at $13.99, while Thallo 80W Pos mod kit from SMOK is selling for $49.99. Since this is one time buy, you should not compromise with the features. After that, you will only need to purchase the vape juice which can be used to refill the device to continue enjoying your electronic cigarette.

    You may want to add some accessories to your vaping kit as well. Carrying case is a great place to store and carry your vaping kit along with a couple of vape juice. Also, the car and USB charger make charging the device batteries much more convenient, either in your car or recharged via your computer.

    ELiquid Depot also sell other brands apart from their inhouse product, visit them and check out what they have in offer.